The Caviar Atelier is an extension of the Caviar brand luxury modifications.
The idea to create a special service for working with individual orders appeared when more and more Caviar customers began to apply with requests to develop unique designs.
At first, Caviar craftsmen made only minor modifications to the designs of personal phones - they engraved the owner's name on the side edge, for example, or made a special inscription on the plate. Then the changes became more and more large-scale - not only did the Caviar Atelier masters modify the existing serial models, but they also created unique new designs. This is how the Caviar Atelier was born - an exclusive workshop that takes only individual orders, produces unique phones in single copies.

You create your ideal precious smartphone, choosing all the details of its design - color, material, bas-relief, skin - and immediately see the result of your actions. Dare, do it!

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Caviar iPhone 12 Pro


Caviar iPhone 12 Pro


Caviar iPhone 12 Pro


Caviar iPhone 12 Pro



White gold

Pink gold



This is the golden covering that gives the true value to the items, places accents, highlights the most important things, brings the key elements to the foreground. The fascinating bright shine of the white, yellow or pink gold is the main adornment of a precious thing. Besides the gold, the qualified masters of Caviar work with platinum and silver. The coating is performed according to the technology Double Electroplated that ensures double density of the covering, which means the absolute resistance to fogging.





When choosing diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other stones to create luxurious designs, the professional jewelers of Caviar Atelier are unbelievably tough! The adornments of the smartphones become only the best of the best: the stones with an excellent clarity and color. Bright, shining, they refract the color by plenty of facets and fascinate.






Natural leather of alligator, anaconda, calf, ostrich or python - the masters of Caviar know the ins and outs of work with every kind of them. Observing the Italian traditions of embossing, painting and cutting, the masters achieve an unparalleled quality of the leather that will become an adornment of your smartphone.


Marble carbon


Composite marble


The technologies are moving forward and today, we can offer you the use of innovative materials in the design. Super tough titanium, light carbon, exotic marble carbon perfectly show the sense of strength, maturity, impetuosity and adrenaline that fit to the models in a sport or military style so well.

Volumetric portrait

Volumetric panel

The performance of volumetric portraits is the thing in that the masters of Caviar achieved perfection long ago. The lasting and painstaking work of the artist first, then of 3D- designers and then casting masters is needed to create a realistic and convincing portrait. Complicated pictures performed in the bas-relief technique are a grandiose adornment for a smartphone case that gives it value of a real masterpiece.

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