Open a Caviar franchise in your country

No need to create a business from scratch.

We can train your employees, set up your production.

We can advise you on all aspects of your business.

Become a Caviar partner

Clear terms, help with opening, and a regular flow of orders,
which means income.

12 Years in luxury segment

Average product cost $6,000

Custom Atelier №1

A unique modding boutique that has developed 564 designs of custom smartphones

Scale and fame

The most mentioned custom design buerau in the media and blogger content

up to 40%

Time and cost savings for you to start up

up to 34%

net profit margin

How does it work?

It's simple: you promote products, place an order, we send
you the prepared product, you collect it and send it to the customer



Profit from premium products



We actively incorporate new technologies into our marketing,
accounting, and manufacturing processes



We are actively growing, the number of orders is getting
higher every year, and we are expanding our brand footprint



We track trends and consumer interest, and our data helps
you build a strategy for your regional audience.

What do I need to become a franchisee?

To open a franchise you need to take a few steps

  • Fill in the form
    and apply 1
  • Get cooperation
    terms 2
  • Choose your
    options 3
  • Open a
    franchise 4


We at Caviar are inviting all willing and compliant with the high standards of the brand to work with us.

You don't have to create a business from scratch. We've done it for you.

  • Free website

    Registration of the address, connection to hosting, filling and adaptation of content to the necessary region

  • Access to protected content

    Sign the contract and get full information about the brand, guide-lines, analytics

  • Training and consulting

    We'll familiarize you with every stage of production, tell you the optimal vector of development

Quick and easy

Become a Caviar franchisee and join our team and get access to the luxury business world



Become a partner

We hold ourselves to a high standard, so the candidate must have experience of doing business independently, and an impeccable reputation.


Be ambitious, results driven and ready to invest time and effort to grow the Caviar brand in your community.


We're open to dialogue and willing to discuss candidates with diverse backgrounds.


We discuss investment amounts on an individual basis subject to mutual interest.

Focus on the brand

More than 100 products
attracted the attention of
bloggers and media

Mrwhosethrboss 5 238 693 views

Unbox Therapy 6 591 085 views

Wylsacom 5 625 651 views

Marques Brownlee 3 750 375 views

Technical Guruji 1 711 070 views


Brand impact map

Growing luxury segment

Revenue in the Luxury Goods market amounts to US$ 312.60 bn in 2022.

The market is expected to grow annually by 5.40% (CAGR 2022-2027).

Luxury Market is one of the
fastest growing markets.

S&P Global Luxury and S&P 500 index over the past 10 years

People choose personalization

Each iPhone owner is your potential customer Customization is the main trend on the Luxury market Luxury is a growing, stable and high-margin market

36% of luxury shoppers are
interested in personalized

48% Are willing to wait longer
if a product or service is
personalized for them

Caviar provides not just a product, but a personalized service where the customer can co-create a new luxury accessory

This is the business we live in The brand we love.

Become a part of Сaviar

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